Passed 1st time
Before Gillian I had previous instructors that did not make me feel confident and eager to drive but within minutes of meeting Gillian I felt at ease. She's kind, encouraging, positive and has a great sense of humour. She kept me on track with my driving and always raised my spirits when I felt I wasn't at my best during a lesson. Her instructions are clear, concise and while she used the LDC manual to explain certain driving manoeuvres to me, she also encouraged me to use my own gut instinct with manoeuvres such as the parallel park. I passed my driving test the first time with 4 minors and I only had 25 lessons! Before learning with Gillian I was scared of driving and didn't think I had any skill, but after learning with Gillian I feel confident, confident and happy within my own ability. I will truly miss our Sunday morning lessons together. If you are looking for a highly competent, skilled and friendly driving instructor, you've truly clicked on the right page. Thanks Gillian!

Passed first time
Gillian was recommended to me by a family member who also passed first time with her. I came to Gillian with only experience of riding motorcycles. I had thirty hours of driving lessons over four months, roughly two hours a week, which I found good value for money. Gillian is very professional, knowledgeable and accommodating, kindly finishing a couple of lessons around the Croydon area, when I had asked to fit in lessons before appointments. I found Gillian to be patient, punctual and a good communicator. Thank you Gillian.'

Ryan Opoku
Passed first time
I found the LDC system to be simple and effective. It allowed me to develop my driving skills and learn better techniques. The system is also structured well. I passed first time with Gillian, who is an amazing instructor. Thanks!

Learning to drive was a personal struggle of mine for the most part of 10 years, crippled with self doubt I never thought I would pass! A friend of mine recommended Gill and I never looked back. From the get go Gill took the time to understand my obstacles and meticulously planned lessons, only ever giving me as many lessons as necessary. It was essential to her that I mastered each step before she pushed me out of my comfort zone leading me to make rapid progress. I found the LDC learning system incredibly useful, working through the handbook with watching their Youtube videos helped me to fully understand the basics of driving. It was important for me to not only learn how to pass a test but to become a fully competent driver on the road and Gill has certainly aided me in that. Utterly professional, consistently dedicated and calm in her nature I would highly recommend Gill to anyone.

My name is Ifeoma Okoye. I went online and found Gillian. I called her because she had a calm disposition about her which was the same on meeting her in person. She was so patient, encouraging and quite reassuring. I was so nervous that she was able to understand me and used her skills to teach and guide me. Gillian is an excellent driving instructor who will give you constructive feedback whilst highlighting the good in you. Gillian is flexible and will book in driving lessons to suit your schedule. Also the LDC driving materials were so useful and resourceful. Thanks to Gillian, I have accomplished one of my goals I felt I could not accomplish and was ready to quit. I will always remember her advice as I go on with my driving. There is no better instructor you can get than GILLIAN. THANKS GILLIAN FOR EVERYTHING.

Ingrid Barbosa
I did an Intensive Driving Course with LDC. Passed my exam thanks to Gilian! She was extremely patient and did not rush through the course. She literally taught me everything from the very beginning and built my confidence and driving skills up in 3 weeks. Every minute of our lessons were relevant and flexible to meet my needs and ability. The LDC Book and DVD was a massive help, allowing me to refresh my memory and prepare for my next lesson. Thank you LDC, Thank you Gilian for opening so many doors for me!

Samuel Chai
Gill was a great instructor and got me through my test with only 3 minors. She was very patient, helpful and honest. All fees were transparent and she only gave me as many lessons as I really required. The LDC book was also useful, and covered everything I needed, and more. Definitely recommended! Blessings.

Rob Leonard
I am delighted to have passed my driving test under Gillian's tutelage. Revisiting driving in my early 30s, I was apprehensive about whether I'd be able to pick it up easily. Gillian's calm, friendly and patient nature definitely helped to reassure me during every lesson. As well as extensively discussing the theoretical skills needed to be a superb driver, Gillian always encouraged me to spend a short while studying the LDC handbook I was given on my first lesson, in order to familiarise me with what we were going to be learning. Her meticulous and proactive approach kept me fully prepared and ready to take on every challenge I came across! On a practical note, Gillian was very flexible, fitting lessons in around my work schedule as needed. I feel the experiences of driving in busy traffic during weekends, coupled with early evening rush-hour driving, enabled me to become a versatile driver. Thank you very much for being an amazing driving instructor! I enjoyed all the lessons and would definitely recommend you to my friends! Rob

Well where do I start. I went to Gillian after having a terrible learning experience beforehand. Gillian was recommended to me by my sister in law to be. I would and have been highly recommending her to everyone. Gillian is such a calm person. She makes you feel like you can do it, not once did I ever feel nervous or uncomfortable in our lessons. It took me 6 months to pass with Gillian and I passed with 6 minors. She is such an amazing woman and anyone who goes with Gillian would not regret it. Thanks to her I've achieved my goal I've wanted to achieve for years and I couldn't thank her enough for that.

Danielle Wallace
Passed 1st time
Well where do I start. I went to Gillian after having a terrible learning experience beforehand. Gillian was recommended to me by my sister in law to be. I would and have been highly recommending her to everyone. Gillian is such a calm person. She makes you feel like you can do it, not once did I ever feel nervous or uncomfortable in our lessons. It took me 6 months to pass with Gillian and I passed with 6 minors. She is such an amazing woman and anyone who goes with Gillian would not regret it. Thanks to her I've achieved my goal I've wanted to achieve for years and I couldn't thank her enough for that. Danielle Wallace.

Howjen Altan
Passed first time
Passed first time!! After just 2 months of lessons! Gill was such a great instructor, makes you feel very comfortable and teaches you how to drive properly. You passing is at her best interest and she is able to give good criticism to help you better your driving, would recommend her to anyone I know :)

When I first met Gillian, I straight away felt like she was the right instructor for me, She was calm, understanding and very reassuring. She didn’t make me feel bad for the mistakes I made but rather corrected me calmly. I had failed my test once and was scared about doing the next one but Gillian was supportive and helped me to get rid of my mistakes and become a better driver. On the test day, Gillian was assuring and told me I would pass and indeed I passed. If I had to recommend an instructor to someone, it would definitely be Gillian. Thank you Gillian for helping me pass my test.

Sarah Gyles
Passed 1st time
Hi I'm Sarah I booked my 1st driving lesson with Gillian back in January 2016 and told her I would like to be driving by August 2016. I had a lesson every week and found Gillian very helpful and a brilliant teacher. I passed my test first time in July 2016. I also recommended Gillian to my sister-in-law who also loves her lessons with Gillian. Thank you so much

Dwayne Robinson
First time pass
Well what can i say about my instructor Gillian? From my first lesson right through to the end she has been helpful, patient, consistent, kind and so much more in regards to my driving. No matter the mistakes Gillian would Always show me the good in every situation. Extremely understanding and encouraged me every single lesson even when i thought i couldn't do a certain manoeuvre she helped my confidence a lot. I would recommend and commend Gillian for her 1st class service to her learner drivers no matter who you are and in top of that with her encouragement i passed first time on both theory and practical FIRST TIME thanks to the BEST INSTRUCTOR EVER!!!!!

Timi Akinrinde
Passed first time
My experience with LDC has been fantastic all the materials have been helpful, Gillian has been a great instructor, I even managed to pass first time. I would totally recommend this to anyone wanting to learn how to drive

Passed 1st time
I passed 1st time with Gill after about 10 months of weekly lessons and I could not have asked for a better instructor.

She is very patient, punctual, fair, and professional. She knows how to adapt to different learning styles, as I was a very anxious driver, but Gill put me at ease from the start and helped me to overcome any aspect of driving that I found hard - she knows when to challenge you and will help build your confidence behind the wheel. She helped me prepare for the test and has loads of knowledge and great tips and was happy to go over manoeuvres or routes as many times as I needed. She always stays calm and gives loads of great advice so I was a bit sad when our lessons came to an end! I've been driving for a couple of months now and I can still hear Gill's advice in my head -helping me stay safe on the roads!

Gillian has been amazing! Having only a few weeks before my test. She has been extremely helpful, patient and understanding. She made me feel at ease whilst driving and built my confidence behind the wheel so I was fully prepared for my test. I have enjoyed my driving experience with LDC and the book really helped too. I passed my test today with only 4 minors and can not thank Gillian enough for her support and guidance. Thank you!!!

Daniella Dörfler
I have found Gillian Harmes to be a consummate professional in all aspects of her profession as a driving instructor. When taking lessons with Gillian she was punctual, polite and calm, and her car was clean and presentable for all of my lessons. Gillian instructed me clearly during my driving lessons and she inspired confidence in my abilities as a driver. Gillian also motivated me to become a conscientious and confident driver. I passed my driving test first time under Gillian's instruction. Thank you Gillian for your leadership and guidance. I look forward to taking motorway lessons with you in the near future.

David Norman
Gillian is an excellent driving instructor, patient, informative and above all, understanding. I would not hesitate to recommend either Gillian or the LDC learning process, especially for those new driving as I was.

Hi my name is Sarah and I found LDC on the internet I was just reading the reviews and decided to take my first lesson with them. I actually found the whole process very good could not fault it at all the teaching was way above standard and I was really happy throughout and would in fact recommend you to book your lessons with LDC. I passed my test the other day and was well happy considering have not had that many lesson I would like to thank Gillian who taught me keep up the good work thank you.

Payal Padhiar
Gillian has been an absolute pleasure to have as a driving instructor. She is helpful, knowledgeable and extremely patient. She gives good advice and helps you mentally prepare for your test ahead. I have honestly enjoyed my driving experience with LDC, they have a really good structure which helps you build up to the test. I passed my test today and could not have got through it without Gillians consistent confidence and support! Thank you very much Gillian!

Warren Price
I found Gillian through a google search I wasn't really sure what to expect but from the first time I got in the car she made me feel comfortable she has a calming way about her she gave me a workbook which I found very handy and it explained what to except from each individual lesson her lessons are exactly timed to the minute so you get what you pay for an hour is an hour she has a very good way of teaching I knew nothing about driving when I first started but now I have a vast knowledge which I learned from Gillian I passed my test & am now a car owner and its all thanks to Gillian its almost a shame I passed as I now don't get to spend my sunday mornings with her if you are lucky enough to get Gillian you will be very pleased with the

Beth Talbot
I started my driving lessons in August, and its safe to say I was a nervous wreck about going on the roads! Gillian put me at ease and helped me to go through things at my own pace. I found that the LDC method helped me out enormously as it helps you to know what your doing and when. It also helped me by knowing what to expect on the lessons ahead, so that i could prepare for it! It took me under 4 months in which to pass (which no one thought i would, due to my confidence). I can honestly say that Gillian helped me alot to acheive that, so thank you Gillian! I don't think I could of done it without you!

Jason StewartJason Stewart
My experience with the LDC driving school was amazing. my instructor Gill was very helpful and knowledgeable, with her guidance and patience, very much thankful that she was my driving instructor.

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